The architecture of collaboration

In Guy Kawasaki's blog I found an interview to Polly LaBarre who is the co-author (with Bill Taylor) of the newly released book called Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win

I would like to highlight the answer about the way Steve Jobs designed the architecture of the teams in order to ensure that collaboration occurred and that the learning process of the team was capitalized.

Question: What’s your assessment of Steve Jobs?

Answer: Steve Jobs is without a doubt a maverick who has forever changed the way we relate to computers and animated

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Why I think we can reinvent the blogosphere from Chile

I was reading Seth Godin's Blog an I came across a post called "When culture gets stuck"  I would like to quote some parts of it ...

"Once something makes its way to the mass market, the mass market doesn't want it to change. And once it moves from that big hump in the middle of the market to become a class, the market doesn't just want it to not change, they insist.

So classical music gets stuck because the new stuff isn't like the regular kind, the classics. French food got stuck, because no restaurant could risk its (Leer más)

Why I think big business will head to Web 2.0

In this video,  Malcolm Gladwell talks about the complex strategies you have to build in order to face the more sophisticated markets that are being created by the flattening of the earth.

Malcolm is a staff writer for The New Yorker, and best-selling author of The Tipping Point and Blink.
I'm certain that web 2.0 solves this in a natural way, since customers are able of personalizing their own experience.....

Web 2.0's way of tending to it's clients is the way of the future !

Why Web 2.0?

One of the subjects I keep coming back in my Spanish blog (and it will definitely happen in this one too) is the Web 2.0 and this happens for a reason ... or actually two!

1.- Every time I speak of my experiences in the art of entrepreneurship... It just happens that two out of my three companies are web 2.0 ventures so I'm very involved in understanding where it's heading and how it will get there...

2.- I am certain that it will change most of the markets in a significant way, basically by "democratizing" the way we work, (Leer más)

My new Gallery

Finally !!!

 We changed my blog in which I expose my paintings out of Blogger and into our own platform of blogs! ....

I?m proud as a team member at Blue Company and I?m happy as bloger... I was able to build tools that let you browse my pictures by dates and by series? this allows me to offer a better experience in my own gallery so? I?m very grateful?

You are formally invited to my inauguration.

Cuadros de Leonardo Maldonado

Thank God for my stupidities!

Usually we are proud of our know-how and capacities to succeed in our challenges... and, at the same time, we are ashamed of our stupidities...

This is profoundly wrong  !!!

In fact, all the successes I have obtained in my life can be attributed to two factors...

1.- My incredible good luck.
2.- My ineptitudes.

You dont believe me???... let me explain...

- I am really good at listening... I owe this to my teenager shyness that made me clumsy at speaking...
- I am really good at speculating... actually it's due to my lack of executive resolution...
- I (Leer más)

What is Web 2.0?

I've been writing in different blogs about what is the web 2.0 and it's repercussions in our everyday life and in the way we do business, this is a new way of exploring the same subject. Listening to some of the leaders that are shaping the way it is being created?

Why Strategic Resilience?

In Art Hutchinson blog I found this post that sums pretty much why I'm so interested in this subject

"Today, companies have to be able to change their business and structure increasingly fast. Triggers such as oil crises, globalisation, the rapid relocation of manufacturing and services to low-wage countries, and the concentration of commercial processes mean that large and successful enterprises are no longer a monolithic, structurally stable hierarchy but a rapidly metamorphosing entity. A business may look very different in December to what it looked like in January. The ability to change rapidly and respond effectively to external forces (Leer más)

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